Written on 14. January 2023

Apache2 as reverse proxy with ModSecurity and OWASP Ruleset on Debian

Here I will describe as mentioned in article https://stangneth.com/2022/12/27/nginx-as-reverse-proxy-with-waf-modsecurity-on-debian/ how to install a reverse proxy with WAF based on Apache2.


To install Apache2 on Debian, use the following command:

apt install apache2 -y

Next, we need to enable the necessary modules. We will be using the proxy and proxy_http modules to configure reverse proxy functionality and the headers module to add custom headers to the proxied traffic:

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Written on 13. July 2022

VMware ESXi free backup with ghettoVCB

For some servers, which run in a development enviromente on a free ESXi, I needed a solution to backup them daily. I deciced to do it with https://github.com/lamw/ghettoVCB, because it is easy to handle. Unfortunately it only takes full backups, which can be a problem in the duration of a very large vm, but for the development system it works perfectly.


The ssh services needs to be permanently activated on the ESXi Server.

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Written on 1. March 2022

FreeRadius, LDAP and dynamic VLAN assignment

A long time ago I was interested in find out how I can use my installed FreeRadius to dynamically assign a VLAN based on an Actice Directory Group. First I’ll show my current setup:

  1. Microsoft Active Directory Domain Controller (Windows Server 2012 R2)
  2. FreeRadius (openSUSE Leap 15.3) – Installation instruction https://stangneth.com/2021/05/26/freeradius-on-opensuse/
  3. HP ProCurve 2810-24G
  4. Client (Windows 10 21H2)

Active Directory group

After creating a local security group in Active Directory I assigned it to a User.

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Written on 26. May 2021

FreeRadius on openSUSE

I changed my private wifi from WPA2 to WPA2-Enterprise. I no longer have to enter a one-time password, but can enable authentication using a username and password. For this scenario I’m using my MS Active Directory and a FreeRadius Server. Following you can find my configuration. Feel free to write comments or corrections in the comment-section.


  • Static IP
  • /etc/hosts is showing to the Hostname /etc/HOSTNAME
  • DNS Server is an Active Directory Domain Controller or can dissolve all Active Directory entries
  • Chrony configured

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