Written on 5. November 2023

How to Update VMware ESXi 8.x

In my private setup, I use VMware ESXi 8.x and find it essential to keep my system updated regularly. These updates not only introduce new features but also address potential vulnerabilities. In this guide, I’ll share my personal approach to updating my ESXi 8 server. Please note that this is based on my individual experience and is not intended as a recommendation or guarantee for businesses or professional environments.

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Written on 13. July 2022

VMware ESXi free backup with ghettoVCB

For some servers, which run in a development enviromente on a free ESXi, I needed a solution to backup them daily. I deciced to do it with https://github.com/lamw/ghettoVCB, because it is easy to handle. Unfortunately it only takes full backups, which can be a problem in the duration of a very large vm, but for the development system it works perfectly.


The ssh services needs to be permanently activated on the ESXi Server.

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